Who We Are

The Coalition of State Employee Unions (CSEU) is a coalition of non-profit Unions dedicated to advocating for and uplifting the State of Michigan workforce. The members of the MSEA, SEIU 517m, and MCO are dedicated to their jobs, their communities and to Michigan. We’re dedicated to them. 

CSEU is more than just a Coalition of unions representing some of the hardest working people in Michigan, CSEU is a declaration that all of us will stand together and fight for the right to have dignity on the job, fair compensation, safe workplaces and strong services to keep our communities running.

Whether its firefighters keeping dangerous wildfires away from our homes, corrections officers working to rehabilitate incarcerated persons, road crews that keep Michigan’s communities safely connected, or one of the hundreds essential of other jobs that keep Michigan running safely for all of us, these workers deserve strong unions that make sure the work they do is fairly compensated, safe, respected, and running well for their communities.